Stacking CryptoCash

An overview of the stacking process of the CryptoCash protocol

Anyone can stack CryptoCash by sending a stack transaction to the CryptoCash smart contract on the Stacks blockchain.

There are no hardware requirements and the protocol is open source, so anyone can build a web app/site that interacts with it.

You cannot Stack in the currently active reward cycle, only for the next reward cycle(s). (eg if you called the stack function during cycle u2, your Stacking begins in cycle u3)

The amount of CryptoCash you Stack will be transferred to the smart contract and returned/unlocked upon claiming your final reward cycle.

How it Works

CryptoCash miners spend STX while competing to earn the CryptoCash block reward, which follows are halving emission schedule and begins at 100,000 CryptoCash per block.

  • 95% of the STX that miners spend is are distributed to the people who Stacked their CryptoCash (Stackers)

  • 5% of the STX that miners spend is sent directly the Foundation wallet.

Each Stacker receives rewards proportionate to what they stacked against the total amount of Stacked CryptoCash for the given reward cycle.

Is there a cooldown between cycles?

Yes, when you are finished Stacking and reclaim your CryptoCash, you can then restack for the next cycle, however your stacking will begin the following Cycle.

Can I Stack additional CryptoCash for a cycle?

Yes, if you call the stack function before the cycle in question starts. However you can not add to a cycle that is currently active, eg you must invoke the stack call prior to the start of a target cycle.

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