What is CryptoCash?

CryptoCash is a suite of open source smart contracts deployed on the Stacks blockchain, designed to support users via earning rewards in the form of CryptoCash & STX while Mining & Stacking.

CryptoCash's core features are: Transferring, Mining, Stacking, and Programming.

  • Anyone can Transfer CryptoCash by sending a transfer transaction to .cryptocash-token (not your keys not your tokens) (no blacklists)

  • Anyone can Mine CryptoCash by sending a mine transaction to .cryptocash-core (learn more about Mining CryptoCash)

  • Anyone can Stack CryptoCash by sending a stack transaction to .cryptocash-core (learn more about Stacking CryptoCash)

  • Anyone can Program CryptoCash by using Clarity, the smart contracting language on Stacks. (enabling endless opportunities for entrepreneurs, developers, & engineers.)

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