Mining CryptoCash

An overview of the mining process of the CryptoCash protocol

Anyone can mine for CryptoCash by sending a mine transaction to the CryptoCash smart contract on the Stacks blockchain.

There are no hardware requirements and the protocol is open source, so anyone can build a web app/site that interacts with it.

Miners can only participate once per block.

Once STX is sent for mining CryptoCash, it is not returned. [STX is distributed to CryptoCash Stackers(95%) & Foundation (5%).]

How it Works

CryptoCash miners spend STX while competing to earn the CryptoCash block reward, which follows are halving emission schedule and begins at 100,000 CryptoCash per block.

  • 95% of the STX that miners spend is are distributed to the people who Stacked their CryptoCash (Stackers)

  • 5% of the STX that miners spend is sent directly the Foundation wallet.

There is only one winning Miner per block that can claim the CryptoCash reward.

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